Scribe Notes: Mon 04.23.2012

Period 3

Again, another day in Mr. Eldridge’s third period class. As the class started we received scores from our CST /STAR tests and printed the results on a piece of paper that was passed out to us. Mostly the whole class was asking what was each other’s mile time since the paper showed their results from P.E. freshmen year of 09-10. Around ten minutes passed and in came our assistant principal Mr. Flores and informed us about the achievements that the Junior class has made since we entered South El Monte and how we must strive to do well on our CST tomorrow.

After  Mr. Flores left Mr. Eldridge took the stage and reviewed on how to do proper citations and stumbling to other peers seeing some not comprehending it until after a while. Then we were comparing different works cited page with other ones and found the tiny differences that each contain. Then the last thing on the agenda was to look over the literary movements to have a better understanding once we take the CST’s. We had a short day but even though short the entire class came out with a little more knowledge than once entered. The day sort of reminded me of being over confident, if you walk in the room thinking that you will pass the test then beware when it comes back to bite you.

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