Scribe Notes: 02.14.2012

Period 3

Scribe: Leslie Cojulun

Happy Valentines Everybody and Mr. Eldridge!

So today we started off with a game that involved background information of things we have learned in the past. The game was like scribbling a word given + another letter to make a new word for example, ahoy + o= yahoo. We could not get most of the answers correct this showed we did not know our background information that well or we just made an easy word into something more complicated then it was. Once we were done with the game we went on with a future presentation. This presentation was assigned to every group of presenting a Diction, Detail, or Imagery packet. Its like being a teacher for a day where you try to explain the process of understanding the passage in the simplest way so the entire class will understand for future packets. Heres the schedule for the presentation so you wont forget:

  • Group 1: 2/28-Diction
  • Group 2: 3/1-Diction
  • Group 3: 3/6-Detail
  • Group 4: 3/8-Detail
  • Group 5: 3/13-Imagery
  • Group 6: 3/15-Imagery

DONT FORGET TO GET STARTED ON THIS ASSIGNMENT! DONT PROCRASTINATE! After this assignment we moved on to Syntax Packet. Syntax is made up of punctyation, sentence length, grammar, and sentence structure. We went over what sentence structure is, which is periodic, compound, or complex. These also have units that are independent and dependent clauses. We also went over Interrogative, Exclamatory, Declarative, and Imperative; these are also examples of sentence structures. In the Syntax Lesson 13 the line “but George sat stiffly on the bank and looked at his right hand that had thrown the gun away,” the subordinate clause was introuduced with “that”. “That” is used when its a thing and when its a person then its “who”. We continued as a class to help each other with the rest of the packet. After this we moved onto correcting out “Economy” quizes which we all lacked in reading the passage. We need to be on top of our assignments. The last thing we did for class was a group quiz on “Economy”, this quiz also we lacked reading the passage. Remember to do all your assignments! DONT FORGET TO GET STARTED ON YOUR VIRTUE ESSAY!!!!!


Period 1

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Amongst Valentines and chocolates I find the source of my melancholy or shall I call it a depression for in gloom we may still smile, here I am not so sure. Everything about this situation is saddening, from the smiles and laughter to the dreadful agenda upon the board.


  1. Syntax 13
  2. VE Questions
  3. Grade Thoreau Quiz
  4. Thoreau Quiz 2
  5. Thoreau

I’d rather be at home than working on this scribe I think then and now as I type I find I’d rather talk to my brothers than to think of this for Eldridge has apparently given me a zero already. I really don’t know why as it’s Valentines Day and I barely got home about 30 minutes ago but back to the matter at hand… school. I’m sorry but does anyone really read this? Does he even post them on time so as to keep us up to date? Does anyone have interest in this? I mean it’s my third one and I’m tired, I’d rather ramble on than spend my home time thinking about school time. My mother asks about the gloom I carry around with me everyday. I tell her to just look at the world. No time for books, must learn. No time for friends, must do homework. No time for family, must think of Bacon’s, Emerson’s, Plato’s, etc., essay. Where is the joy of youth? Should I not experience life? They say there’s time later but tell me when is later. Should you tell me to act now I shall know when now is but later, define later. When shall I have a chance to live, to write, to love, for now I find I rarely have time to breathe. I have found myself uninspired have you not experienced this? This darkness that has descended over the life of the “bright,”  I can hardly speak for the rest of the world but I feel it. Suffocating and oppressive it lies over us. Education is freeing they say, freeing when? When you’re thirty? Or when you’re dead? When you have worked yourself to tears, to bloodshed, to a never-ending sleep and left all you’ve earned to the children that won’t appreciate all the work it took to obtain. You shall leave your entire livelihood to those whose hands are softer than a baby’s face and unhardened by work. To those who you once resented for being luckier than you.

Today we played a game of anagrams based on corporations, something we “need” to know. I hope to not know actually for these are things I’d rather not deal with. Power shifts all the time by the time I know all those in power I shall need to start over so why bother. Why bother with anything, really? Because you enjoy it, no, enjoyment in this world means nothing. Yet it means everything, what’s more important than happiness? I don’t know but I can hardly figure these things out when bogged down by useless things like corporation names, surely.



  • Pale + p = Apple
  • Scam + y = Macys
  • Ahoy + o = Yahoo
  • Coons + u = Sunoco
  • Traitor + m = Marriott
  • Poor will + h = Whirlpool

Starting February 28 we will be presenting our daily exercises to the class. You know for exposure and practice at public speaking. I think teachers just like to see us squirm uncomfortably and laugh at us sometimes. I know they mean well or at least I hope they do but when you’re up there speaking at least for a shy person like me, you find yourself in almost physical pain and distress. I think they find that humorous. I find it funny that everyone trains us for public speaking like we’re going to be somebody important in life when we’ll probably end up in the same town doing the slightly better paying jobs and owing money on a house. Going to school isn’t enough nowadays, it’s more about connections, money, and charm. Can you convince people of your plight, make them fork over their money? Can you manipulate/con? Can you smile and stab someone in the back at the same time? That’s what life comes down to. Don’t delude yourself with these fanciful ideas of a true gift and eternal happiness next to a spouse who will always be there for you. Love is fickle, harsh, violent, and usually not worth it. Life is disappointing, painful, and rarely rewarding.

This is the schedule for the presentations, do what you will with it.


  • 1   2/28   Diction 17
  • 2   3/1   Diction 19
  • 3   3/6   Detail 17
  • 4   3/8   Detail 19
  • 5   3/13   Imagery 17
  • 6   3/15   Imagery 19
  • 7   3/20   Syntax 17
  • 8   3/22     Syntax 19
  • 9   3/27   Tone 17

A slight review on syntax for we, it seems, are more disheartening and disappointing for our teachers than usual. It’s quite sad really. This is all I’m good at yet I fail, why is that? Why has something I once loved turned into something so dreadful and painful? Love is fickle, have I not said this? Surely you must remember it was only about half a page ago. Oh well if you do not remember go back, this is not my problem. Should you say I’m being too harsh, life is harsh my dear get used to it. Some of you believe you’ve had it rough, you’re pitiful. I’m not going to say I’ve been through the worst pain but some of you believe that breaking up with your boyfriend is the worst pain in the world. You are mistaken, foolish, and quite frankly, annoying. Again I seem harsh but as you may remember life is harsh and I shall not coddle you. You are young people of sixteen/seventeen I should hope you can take this for what it is, a blatant disregard for your feelings and a true hatred of the world, which you shall learn to understand but hopefully not partake in for as annoying as your bubbliness is, a tear on everyone’s cheek is far more annoying as everyone’s become a copycat. I waste my thoughts on papers never read by anyone but an English teacher who at seeing the length may not even look upon its content and if he so does may consider me a nut job but I assure you sir I am perfectly fine and in touch with reality maybe too much or too little for I believe I don’t know whether it is the drama of a writer’s eye or the perception given to him that so affects my view of the world.

Syntax is:

  • – length
  • – word order
  • – punctuation
  • – sentence structure

(periodic, compound, complex, compound complex, interrogative, exclamatory, declarative, imperative, cumulative, loose, telegraphic)

  • – dependent or subordinate clause
  • – independent clause
  • – prepositional phrases
  • – active/ vs. passive voice

Variations of these elements can spice up your VE and give you something to write about in your reflection.

  • – who/whom/whose/who’s
  • – Who refers to the subject
  • – Whom to the object
  • – Whose to the possessive
  • – Who’s to who is

Ex. Who kicked me? vs. I kicked whom?

Ex. Whose is this? vs. Who’s that?

Who’s that? No one important they shall say as they see me pass by never knowing the genius or utter madness that lies within my mind. Just the way I cannot perceive into your minds and souls, many would find this hopeful for surely others must hold amazing thoughts in their minds as well but I fear it is not so. Everyone chooses to not think it seems, I feel as if I am too good for the conversations I sometimes hold yet feel not good enough for others and in both cases I chastise myself for I am neither too good nor too little, I am Maria and that is that. Poor little Maria who will never hold a candle to the greats for surely she has some talent but not enough for the world, she will never be good enough yet must not show it. What a confusing existence it is to be human, all these thoughts roaming around the mind, that surely was not meant for the plights so simple yet so complex of man. I should hope you are still following and not falling behind for this I believe is the core of my rambling. The mind is meant to think, to believe, but should we ever hope for more from it we shall find ourselves greatly disappointed. A great mind will not land me in greatness but rather in madness and depression with a great deal of writing that will mean nothing to those of later years and will be considered trash to myself for it is not good enough and never will be. My work may be good but never brilliant, no matter how much I train myself I shall never amount, for the mind is meant for thought, art, faith, but not miracles.

Syntax 13:

  • – The modification of hand in the original sentence serves to detach the hand and the responsibility therein from the character, George.
  • – By changing the way hand is modified, the affect of having the hand work as a separate character is lost and the sentence becomes weak/unnoticeable amongst the other hundred or so sentences that surround the world and the mind.
  • – Keep in mind (in the apply) that the subordinate clause begins with that unless you’re modifying in a person, in which the word would be who.

Grading Quiz:

  • – It’s safe to say it was not our best moment but better than our final for that I congratulate all.

Thoreau Quiz 2:

  • – Group Quiz
  • – Root of economy is the Greek word  oikos meaning householder
  • – ‘Economy’ imagines the nation as a house
  • – Relation to Thoreau: the chapter speaks of him building his home
  • – Morning atmosphere is a metaphor for renewal
  • – Because of poor answers the whole packet must be reread.

Again I fail. With the rest of you it seems to be this time around but make no mistake my failure is lesser than yours for I saw it coming and is it really a failure when you choose not to succeed. I wonder for I chose not to read, I chose not to care. But did I really choose or did the zeitgeist of the time choose for me? I hardly know but I think it’s time I stop giving you a headache with the ramblings of madness which consume me at times such as these and wish you all a happy Valentines Day with your friends and family. Bye Bye!



2 thoughts on “Scribe Notes: 02.14.2012

  1. If there’s no point in anything then what’s the point of complaining about everything? A crusade against the world may roll a few heads, but will ultimately turn no tides.
    Keep this up and the voice that constantly tells you “There’s no point” will turn into “It’s not worth it,” a hop, skip, and jump away from “I’m not worth it.”
    (But you are.)
    Nihilism will eventually lead to this conclusion, which is a pretty stifling mindset for a writer.

  2. I am deeply amused by this. I am also amused that Maria graduated in the top 10 of her class.

    May we always be this honest.

    And may we also remember that the internet is forever.

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